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Why is there a peacock on a plane?

Daniel Untiedt and Amy Peacock ( me ) met over bumble 1 year ago. It was a kinda funny story because we both were not sure of each other… Little did we know, we had so much ahead of us. 

Our first date consisted of 6 talkative hours, on my side… Daniel only really talks when he needs to or rather when I give him a chance. This quiet guy really made me feel like I was being super annoying. I thought the only things we had in common was we both lived abroad, loved coffee ( without sugar ) and both enjoyed oats for breakfast. Anyway, that wasn’t really enough for me to fall head over heels.

When is our next date?? 

  Ahhh, we can go watch Aquaman? I remember Daniel nerdily confessed how much he liked aquariums… We watched Aquaman… Then he tried to have our first kiss… I, on the other hand, was in a little state of delusion after playing with herbs, wasn’t really ready to give up that secret. Nope, awkward kiss and back to our own homes.

Third date! 

We tried something different, we went to the V & A waterfront. Walked around a bit and then went to order orange juice at Quay Four…. You know that feeling when you have a headache and you just need some sweet orange nectar to make life better? Okay, maybe it’s a bird thing, but it happened. Daniel played along, surprisingly well. I started opening up a little bit as he wanted to join me on my weirdness. I discussed my next big trip to him a few months later in the year that I was so excited about.

We had the best time talking about travel, finding out we had so much more in common than I originally expected! I was enjoying the conversation so much that I invited him to join me on the trip…

Yes, I would love to! – Not the answer I was expecting and then bam!! Flashbacks of commitment issues, 2 magical date weeks of thinking, what if we don’t last until then, what if he is annoying to travel with, what if he finds me annoying to travel with. This is just a honeymoon phase Amy, be realistic! You need to get out of that commitment…

You see Daniel, the thing is… I always travel on my own and I have been looking forward to this trip for a really long time. 

Cool, no problem. I don’t have to come! 

Oh gosh… yes, that was easy to get out of. 

However… As time passed we just hung out so much that eventually, I couldn’t bear the thought of not being together for those 2 weeks while I was away. 2 weeks of not having him to watch the stars with me. To try weird foods, to dance with, to party with… and worst of all to have to fly alone with!

You see Daniel, the thing is… I am going to miss you. 

Which time is better? 

What… And there are pictures of his flight times to join me. – That’s when I knew this was going to be one hell of an adventure.

4 Months after that 6-hour date of small talk, never did I think I was going to have that much fun. And the best part is our adventures got better every single time. I’m the Peacock and Daniel is my plane, together we have a truly unique travel style. 

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