Destination,  Georgia

Guardians of Georgia

They come in all different shapes and sizes. Some have short hair, some have long hair. All with wet noses and warm natures. They look out for you while you cross the road. Ready to help you not waste that last bite of Khachapuri. They welcome you to Georgia with big smiles and wagging tails.   

Furbabies, man’s best friend or furry friends! I like to call them the Guardians as their main reason for existence is to look after you and love you. We were lucky enough to experience these furry friends in the cold of January. Brittle about seeing the good boys and girls in the crisp evening, I struggled to leave them alone. Like many other dog lovers, the Georgians do not look at these friends as pests, rather they are welcomed to eat their scraps and snuggle up on the porches. I have even seen some of the restaurant and shop owners leave warm blankets out for their guardians. 

Not being able to have dogs in our tiny apartment makes me overjoyed when they join us on our holiday! They follow your prime walking tour. Show you the sites, help you cross the street and all for a pat or treat.

Georgia has so many positive loveable traits, my favourite of all is their fluffiest ones.

The Mayhew organisation work closely with global governments.

Funding a Trap, Vaccinate, Neuter, Return programme (TVNR). An interesting concept – it is in place to protect dogs against common infectious diseases. The Mayhew organisation also provide Georgian training to aid better animal welfare standards for dogs and cats.

These dogs are tagged on the ear. The city of Tbilisi has so many dogs with these tags but the residents know that this means the dogs have been vaccinated and neutered. This allows them to live the free life of non-stop walks, love from the 2 legged animals and treats for being a great friend. 

Machines innovatively designed to encourage compassion through recycling. You insert the leftover water in the water hole, the dogs will receive the water to drink. The plastic bottle goes into the port and it releases a hand full of dog pellets for the next friend who is really hungry. In saying that, I never saw a single dog with skinny bodies or malnourishment.  

Last but not least you can be a Guardian from a distance!

I absolutely love this idea and hope that it becomes viral. This program allows you to fund a furbaby from a distance. If you aren’t able to have a pet you can at least feel good for supporting one. I think the hardest part of this programme is you have to choose a friend to support. I just want to love them all! 

The guardians strolling the streets, trained to know when to cross. They do not disturb you, they just walk with you to make sure you find your way. They wag their tails at you to help you smile again. Georgia is kind and looks forward to welcoming you. 

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