7 Reasons NOT to visit Melbourne

Unfortunately, I lived in Melbourne in 2015 for 12 months. I am still to this day shocked by what the city scarred me with. I walk everywhere comparing my current life to Melbourne, it’s so good it’s bad. Maybe it would be better if I just got into the 7 reasons not to visit.

1 – The Royal Botanical Gardens – Victoria

The 38 hectares of peace and tranquillity slows you down. As a tourist or if you are considering moving here, these gardens will quickly become your local hideout. They are calm and quirky. With so much to see and love, they by far take you to another world of a stress-free lifestyle. In Aussie style, this garden is part of their running route or family tradition to use a gas barbeque and have a picnic with the family while sitting on the edge of the gardens and the Yarra River. It’s such an addictive atmosphere that they have even allowed it to be visited virtually. 

2 – The Architecture

Melbourne has a variety of Victorian-style architecture all the way through to modern big, wild and wonderful styles. My biggest addiction of this city was getting lost in her creative skyline. Be careful, her buildings entice you to never want to look away.

3 – Alleyway restaurants

This city has thin alleyways that leak with devilish flavours. The alleyways are run by the locals who know how to tease all your senses. Take a chance of getting lost in the boutique cafes while the local masterminds hypnotise you into their obsessions. Oh gosh, and if you have Instagram then these are definitely places you need to hide from. 

4 – Street Art

If you are even slightly interested in arts and culture then this City you need to stay clear from. She has an entire lane for graffiti artists that anyone can throw up their creativity. Their local voices follow you in every street with mysterious talents. They have even taken over the trees to create something completely out of this world. If you go to this city, you may just as well be trapped. 

5 – Shopping

This is one of the best reasons not to visit as you definitely won’t leave with any money left in your account. With so much variety to shop through. Again the local boutiques create their own undeniable styles that you just can’t pass. 

6 – Food

Melbourne, well most of Australia have their own kind of food. They focus on fresh, healthy and addictive. I managed to put on a happy weight in Australia due to the food. This place honestly gives you a whole new pallet that ruins you for anything else you ever try. Just don’t do it. Suffer through the taunting and bullying of smells and sights, be the bigger person or else you really will be the biggest person. 

7 – Coffee

This place will ruin your coffee taste-buds. No wonder a basic franchise like Starbucks wouldn’t be found in this city. Melbourne crushes them with there fresh beans and beautifully brewed coffee’s. Never in my life have a had coffee as great as the ones in Melbourne. I am ruined for life!

7 reasons not to visit Melbourne, take it or leave it! Just remember once you come face to face with these deadly facts you will never be able to turn back. 

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