Destination,  South Africa

The TRUE meaning of Churchhaven

It was a spur of the moment thing. I wasn’t ready as I was drowning in the stress of work, finances and what comes with adulthood. I had just emptied my account on fixing my car and now I had to pretend to leave all my problems behind and go on holiday. Daniel really needed it though. So I swallowed my delays, took a deep breath and said: “Let’s take the bike?” 

Daniel responds in shock: “It might rain on the way. “

” Then we wait till the rain stops and we go as fast as we can. “

Thinking about the whole thing and totally regretting the suggestion but putting my issues aside as Daniel needed it more than me. I was ready to look at the adventure of getting wet on the bike. I was looking forward to feeling the adrenalin rush through me. Besides what I felt, Daniel was my rock. He was supporting me through a difficult time and a little rain wouldn’t stop him from finding something positive to hold on to. 

Daniel went to drop off his sister’s car and get his Kawasaki to enjoy our weekend. I packed our bags as minimalistic as possible so the ride would be comfortable. Daniel and I always pack with things to keep us busy, this time we didn’t have space for his new kindle and my painting equipment, we were ready to just take in what we could, spend time together.

We were heading off to a place that could be warm, could be cold but also was totally off the grid!

2 shirts, 2 undies, 2 warm jerseys and lots of socks. Okay, we were ready. 

Daniel got home, we went through the last check of our basic needs and started to suit up, being pressed for time we didn’t hesitate to look where we were going and rushed on. Now due to this global pandemic we had a lot of obstacles in our way, we always try to prepare for it but we can’t ever know as the situation is dynamic. Daniel missed the first turn. At this stage, I usually would get a bit frustrated because I always warn him to look out for the signs. We were both on such a positive note that it was just a moment of disappointment from both sides and we did what we could, turned back and returned to the correct route. 

Daniel’s mom was waiting eagerly awaiting our arrival but warned us about closing times.

Arriving at the gate also doubtful of our passing. We were totally shocked at how easy it was to get through the gates with a little manipulation and a lot of smiles, we managed to get through but now we wanted to make this late arrival more of a surprise. We told Helen we were not allowed through and would find our own accommodation for the night and try again in the morning. Feeling really sneaky but also anxious about our arrival as this entire journey has now become the start of a happy surprise. 

We arrived at happy faces and enthusiastic waves!

The three musketeers ready and waiting to shower us in gleeful love. We have arrived at our weekend of bliss and pure content. Overcoming the journey with hugs, smiles and comfort. We slowly settled in finally taking a deep breath of fresh the Churchhaven exclusive lagoon air. We held it in and exhaled the temporary disappointment of our worries.

The day sets with good food, consistent laughter and tired souls. Our hearts are warmed with memories while the fire crackles with the sound of bliss. Nothing compares to this moment and we drift off for the evening. 

Woken to a little knock, one of the musketeers thought about us with 2 warm cups of freshly brewed coffee.

The kindest gesture to 2 sleepy dreamers. Followed soon after was the youngest musketeer to check on the heat of our bed and make sure we had nothing but the best company. This day passed us in a blink. Experiencing a beautiful breakfast to a walk along the lagoon. We went along with the youngest Musketeer while Daniel patiently guided her to drive and also giving the backseat drivers a considerable heart attack. The drive continued through the National park searching for wildlife but mainly tortoises. Ending our night with board games, dinner and more laughter. The special thing about Churchhaven is that these moments feel timeless. 

It’s a getaway that gives you fresh air and clear hearing.

It allows you to smell the flowers, listen to your heart and revitalize your plans of taking over the world. 

Churchhaven is an interesting name. You see if you break it up; a church is a community of people who join forces in gratitude. A haven is a place of safety. This destination has a story of the purest lifestyle, people living lifestyles worth millions but sticking to the simplicities of no running water, electricity or even wifi! A place that has no boundaries of kindness. 

This weekend closes in on us as we try and find a way to prolong this feeling of peace. Churchhaven is Daniel’s childhood getaway. It’s a place that makes you stop in your tracks and remember what is really important. Churchhaven reminds of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is from the Zulu and isiXhosa Language meaning I am because of who we are. 

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