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Immigrating – Do you qualify?

Since the beginning of August I have been training for a career path of dreams. I have always wanted to immigrate as I find having a South African passport limits my travel opportunities. In the past 3 weeks I have been going through the laws, details, requirements and all the information to create the perfect remedy of an information breakdown. The resources I have come across have made the idea of immigrating more and more appealing. Immigrating is a huge deal but it’s also a new life entirely. People think immigrating is not always an option, as the grass is not always greener on the other side. But when you have the security and comfort to explore your options, why shouldn’t it be greener?

The grass is greener where you water it.

If you water the idea of your future and keep working on it, then it definitely will be better.

After having learnt, and to still be learning, skills I need to assist others with a new life I feel confident enough to discuss options with people. Seeing a profile that qualifies for immigration is so exciting, as only 5% of the population actually qualify. I make notes and prepare my call with the person whose life I have the possibility of changing for the better. It’s so inspiring to tell someone their hard work has paid off and a first world country wants to offer them a better lifestyle. 

The first thing I did when I learnt about Canada was see if Daniel and I qualify. Surprisingly we did but we aren’t ready to take up the opportunity. This is a common phrase in immigration “We aren’t ready.” There is nothing wrong with not being ready but it doesn’t mean that the opportunity is there when you are “ready.” If life was supposed to work at your pace we would all be sitting with our perfect lives with the power of everything working for us at the right time. 

I think my favourite part of this job is seeing successful CV’s and finding people who are motivated for a better life. Telling someone that all their hard work has actually paid off is by far the most rewarding event of my day and week. All those who have sacrificed events, free time and sleep for this moment. It’s so rewarding to offer someone an opportunity that changes the future of their lives and the generations after them. There are many loopholes but permanent residency is what most people aim for.

After permanent residency comes citizenship. 

Most South African’s for some reason have their eyes glued on Immigrating to New Zealand. There is nothing wrong with the desire but let’s think about the practicality behind it. Australia and New Zealand are best buds. The benefits of getting permanent residency in Australia allows the same for New Zealand. What is the attraction to Australian side of the world???

Many South Africans who travel, myself included, have been to Australia or are in Australia. There is a huge South African market in Australia and this makes moving over easier as most of us have friends or family that side. It makes the move over just that much easier. The weather is similar to South Africa, depending on where you are situated but the same Southern Hemisphere seasons, just a bit hotter or colder.

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The hard part about immigration is you build up this idea of a new life, but you are ready financially, and do you qualify.

Also, are you emotionally ready? All your friends and family in your home country you say goodbye to. Well you don’t really because we are lucky in the 21st century with the technology and the resources we have to keep in contact. I noticed when I was overseas that I spoke to my family more than when I was 10kms away from them. Also you do see who your true friends and family are because they actually keep in contact.

As annoying as it is to not be with them to give them a hug when they are sad or share a beer in celebration you gotta think about the bigger picture. You are earning an amazing salary and living in a country with the best quality of life. You have secured a future for your family and you are comfortable. All the opportunities you could ever think of is right at your fingertips. Imagine the thought of going into a hospital, having a surgery for example from a Ski trip and not having to stress about the costs. Getting the best health care and then afterwards getting up and walking out the hospital without any financial stress.

I can go on forever about the amazing opportunities that come with the first world lifestyle. It’s not that you are giving up your country. We all know loads of South African’s living abroad that have all the same spirit for their country as if they were still there. Instead you are just watering the grass for YOUR quality of life to make it greener. Now let’s go on to what countries look at for you to qualify. 

Canada and Australia are looking for people that will grow their economy.

They have occupations that have a shortage. If your occupation falls into that shortage that’s the first big tick for you. Each country has their own regulations but the main thing is are you qualified to do the job you do. Any qualification you have can help depending on the occupation. There is a huge market for trades but if you aren’t qualified then you need more experience. Then your age.

The big deal which is difficult for people to comprehend is that you need to have great qualifications, great work experience and be below 45 years. In Canada you need to consider age, if you are over 32 years you need a honors, 34 years you need a masters to qualify and if you are over 35 years you need a PHD. This is a lot of education and years of studying but the great thing is you need at least 3 years work experience. Those are the main factors: occupation, work experience, qualification and age. Last thing is the capital.

Why say Capital and not money… Well capital is what you need when you are starting a business investment or an opportunity. This is an investment. From start to finish you will get this money back when you don’t have to pay for medical and school fees every month. You will save in the happiness you go through in the comfort and security of your life. There is a big cost but think about how much you pay every month for medical aid? – Add that up for a year and throw that into your immigration. Done, dusted and never have to pay again. 

Now the immigration process has a long processing time.

It’s not that as soon as you qualify you pack your bags and you go. No, you have to go through a few stages and it can take months. I would say max 24 months – depending on the visa you are going through on. After everything has been approved you have another 24 months to set up life(job, housing, flights,etc). We have our professional relocations team to assist with your move over. Once you are in the country you need to stay there for a few years till you can apply for citizenship. In saying this, it’s so important for someone to take up the opportunity when they qualify.

When you wait a year they add another 2 years on to their age and in the long run you may lose the opportunity. 

When your profession reaches the cap of the amount of employees they want to bring onboard – they close applications for that profession. If the country reaches the cap for the skilled migration program then the opportunity is gone. At the end of the day, if you qualify you need to hit the road as soon as possible. If you aren’t ready then don’t enquire. Like I mentioned earlier, only 5% of the population do qualify. If you aren’t serious about the process, someone else is and take advantage of the opportunity. 

People have taken up the opportunity and have changed their lives for the better. You can see the testimonial here if you need even more information: 

Being able to immigrate is not about abandoning your country or your family. It’s a selfless act that can be a lengthy process but can only benefit you and those generations below you. If you are ready to start the process, email me and let’s see where we can take you.