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Amy and Daniel have been together since 2019. Since then they have explored the world together. 

Amy finished high school and lived abroad. After 3 years of travelling she started working as a travel agent and succeeded in her travel career for over two and a half years. Amy reached many incentives and travelled in ways she had never thought about before. Travel has become a way of life for Amy and a philosophy in which she drives her life by. Amy creates ambitions through encouraging personal and business development. After assisting others in discovering their own brand and working on there business goals. Amy offers creative solutions for uplifting your business’ moral and brand. Travel has become her biggest motivation and has enlightened a new career path of blogging and development. 

After studying a BA in Interaction Design, Daniel ventured off to explore the United States. He settled in the United Kingdom for 2 years building an outstanding career for himself in web development. Daniel now freelances his skills and helps build businesses through design. You can visit our page work with us to discuss further projects.

Amy and Daniel both grew up in the sunny Cape Town. They are active travellers and try their best to live their lives as responsibly as they can. They are discovering new ways to live and travel that better the world.

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