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Daniel and Amy want to grow your business. We offer Social Media Marketing packages ready for you to choose from. If none of these suit your needs we can customize a package specifically for you and your business. If you are looking at marketing through our website or media platforms please send us an email to consider.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Why work with Peacock on a Plane?

As a small business, we understand growth through excellent marketing. Daniel’s business,, has recently reached a peak due to our tried and tested marketing methods. In saying this we want to look after your company and will focus on every strategy possible to benefit the growth of your business. 

Amy is constantly keeping up with the trends not only to push her own business but to push your business. We are resourceful and creative and look forward to working side by side to keep your business flying with the rest of the world.

We make sure that with every great success we will keep in contact with you.

We have working hours but are always willing to help. If you have a last minute Campaign needed to push stock, we are by your side bringing you the business.

We have the contracts and all the details needed. At the end of the day the only person we want happy is you. We will focus on your brand while you focus on doing what you love!

We have the best resources to make sure everything is on time and available for everyone to see. We have a web development team on hand to suit your web technicalities and to match your brand to your site.

This is the perfect MONTHLY package to start out with. We have your basic marketing needs included. You can chose amongst the optional extra’s on a month to month basis. 

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The most popular MONTHLY option! With benefits of a wider reach, and more customized designs your brand will really up-scale itself. You can also include optional extra’s at a better rate!

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The MONTHLY option with all the rates. If you are looking to re-brand and need extra assistance, this package has it all. Great for starting businesses if you want to fast track your clientele. If your business needs a new face to it then this is also the most convenient option.

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Nothing suit you?

Send through an enquiry for a customized package for your businesses marketing needs.